Selected feature articles, print pieces and galleries:


Hack To The Future

Car and Driver – August 2011 Issue

How hackers and carmakers are battling for control of your ride.

When Active Safety Systems Fail, Who Pays? – June 28, 2011


The Future Of In-Car Technology

Car and Driver – May 2010 issue

Your dashboard may soon become as versatile as your laptop.

Zero-Emission Vehicle Regulations Get Tougher for 2012

Car and Driver – December 2010 issue

California Dreaming: The New CARB Diet

15 Awesome Supercars The Feds Won’t Seize – March 10, 2011

A gallery of exotic cars that were never sold in the US but that can be legally imported thanks to the “Show and Display” clause

High-Tech Car Allows The Blind To Drive – February 15, 2011

An in-depth look at the Blind Driver Challenge, and why it’s important to put a blind man behind the wheel of a car.

DOT To Turn Underused Waterways Into Marine Highways – July 23, 2010

How dedicated shipping lanes on inland and coastal waterways can save time, money and fuel


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