I had the opportunity to drive the 2012 650i convertible in early June. You can read my review of it at Wired.com.


And none other than Herb Chambers himself was behind the wheel.

As if seeing such a rare supercar isn’t enough of a thrill, this particular Pearl Brown LFA gained a few minutes of internet superstardom when it appeared for sale on eBay. Before that, it was photographed at a Herb Chambers Cars and Coffee event.

Thoughts on the color combination? I think it’s quite attractive — and at least unique.



One on CarCheckup’s OBD II-based spy tool that proved my father is a better driver than we all thought, and another on the questionably-styled Lincoln MKT. And no, I didn’t write the headline for the latter. Both appear at Wired.com.


It’s worth reading for the great comparos, and for my piece on car hacking. On newsstands and online now.


I’d say it’s been a good month so far.

I got to drive a Bentley Mulsanne (sapphire black, saddle interior and oak trim) for a long weekend, and you’ll soon get to read the review. For now, I’ll let you know that if you’re in the market for the new big Bentley, you should get used to posing for cell phone camera shots and giving impromptu tours.

Other than taking copious amounts of pictures of myself posing with an absurdly sized $330,000 objet d’art on wheels, I also found the time to write up a piece on event data recorders — also known as automotive black boxes — for Wired.com.

Check it out here.


March was a busy month, and it’s showing in April!

Check out my piece on auto safety in the latest issue of Car and Driver, on newsstands now.

If you’re looking for reviews, you can read my take on the surprising Kia Optima SX from Wired.com.


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